The 3 main reasons you wont start working out

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It’s 6am, and the relentless pounding of your alarm rudely brings you into consciousness. You suddenly recall, last night you told yourself “tomorrow is the day, I’m finally going to start working out and eating right.” After 10 minutes of snoozing, you eventually manage to get out of bed, reluctantly put some workout clothes on and head to the gym, thinking you’re ready to workout. Once you’re in the gym, you awkwardly walk over to one of the 37 machines, glance over the instructions and decide to give it a shot. But you soon realize, you have no idea what weight to use, how many reps to do, or even, what muscles you are supposed to be working. So instead, you quit what you’re doing and walk over to the fail-safe treadmill and walk for 45 minutes. You break into a light sweat and think to yourself “that should do it for now.” As you get ready to leave, you receive a text from your best friend “Dinner, Friday night? We need to catch up.” You already know that means you’re going to have to put off the diet until next week. Then you remember, it’s also your child’s parent-teacher conference this week, your dog has a check up at the vet, and it’s your grandmother’s birthday, and so you will have to miss yet another day of working out. You sigh, and tell yourself “I will start when I can be more consistent. Next week it is!”
If this story sounds all too familiar, then you probably have fallen victim to one, if not all, of the 3 biggest action blockers for working on your body. So lets identify what they are, and put them to rest for good!


3) The timing is wrong! (procrastination)

There will always be some event, or reason, why it’s better to wait until next week, month or year. But if you’re serious about getting into shape or improving your lifestyle, then you have to make yourself and your health a priority too. The reason you’re procrastinating is because you know it’s going to be hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, you simply have to take the first step!

2) I just don’t know what I’m doing!

Exercise can be scary, and even dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. So do your homework! Do your own research, or ask your doctor about what exercises are best for you (if you have a medical condition) and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure. If you are serious about getting the results you want, hire a knowledgeable personal trainer that knows how to keep you safe, and can help you achieve your goals. If you think they’re too expensive, think about how much money you’ll spend if you hurt yourself, or develop a chronic disease from inactivity.

1) I like the idea of being healthy but I lose motivation.

Motivation is a feeling that you can easily lose. Let’s take the word “motivation” and pretend (for a moment) to eliminate it from our vocabulary. If we remove the word, we’ve just removed the potential excuse of “I’m just not feeling motivated today” or “I’ve lost my motivation.” Lets instead replace motivation with two words that carry a much bigger punch: dedication and commitment. Dedication and commitment don’t come and go like motivation. We can reinforce our commitment and dedication to a happier and healthier lifestyle by using phrases, such as “I don’t feel like having an intense workout session today, but I am committed to having a healthier lifestyle, so I’ll take a long walk” or “I feel like eating a large pizza, but I’m dedicated to sticking to my new diet, so I’ll choose a healthier alternative.” Use these two words when you start your new lifestyle, and eliminate all the excuses.

It all begins with the decision to make yourself and your health a priority. Make the commitment, stay dedicated and find the right people to help you on your journey!

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