Do you have right support group?

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Do you ever tell people about what you’re doing for your body, and yourself just to get responses like “That sounds like a waste of time.”, “why don’t you just live a little.”, or “you really think that’s going to work?”. Maybe they are subtle, or they try to make you feel bad about it, “that sounds like a big time commitment, I have to take care of my family.”, “I like to enjoy life.”, or “I don’t know why you’re doing that you look fine.”

The people you allow to influence you, and the people you look to for support are very important. When you surround yourself with these types of people there is a good chance you will lose the excitement you had and “fall off the wagon”.

Whenever you decide to do something for yourself, and to better yourself you are going to find out a lot of the people that claim to care about you the most reject what you are doing. Most commonly because they lack the guts, and the dedication to do the thing you’re doing. If they don’t have what it takes to make a commitment and follow through with it, and make themselves a better happier person they will do whatever it takes to make sure no one else does what they cant, or wont. Often they spend more energy making sure everyone stays at their level than they would if they took themselves to the next level. These are the types of people you need to distance yourself from.

When you start doing something you are excited about don’t just tell everyone you know and expect them to be just as excited as you are. If you are looking for support give the people you are close to just a little bit of what you’re doing, and if they respond by trying to drag you down DO NOT talk to them about it again. Don’t keep drinking from the well that makes you sick.

In the health and fitness business this is especially important. When you take on a commitment to your health, and happiness that requires as much time and dedication as a healthy active life style does you need to make sure you have the right people backing you up. Now when I have a negative influence in my life trying to keep me down I cut them off. I understand that this is not always an option, or something you want to do, but you do have the choice of who you let influence your attitude, and goals.

So, next time you feel like you need some encouragement or want to tell someone about something your excited about, don’t just talk to the first person you see, talk to someone you know will support you.

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