Hello! My name is Dave Canfield and I’m the owner of InspireFit Professional Fitness Coaching. I am a full-time certified personal trainer based in Charlotte, NC. I provide professional personal training, fitness coaching and nutrition guidance in order to achieve the best health and fitness outcomes for my clients.

My journey to becoming a personal trainer began several years ago in a small town in Northeast Pennsylvania where I grew up. From early on I began to understand the benefits of being fit and healthy as a result of physical activity, and staying on top of my own fitness goals increased my motivation, accountability and feelings of accomplishment. I wanted to share my success and help others to achieve their fitness goals too, and I was soon compelled to learn the skills needed to be an expert in the field of health and fitness. Thereafter, I started an apprenticeship under a great personal trainer with 35+ years of experience in the industry and attained my ACE Certification.

I relocated to Charlotte, NC, in 2015. I quickly got a job running boot camp style sessions in Concord, NC, and later moved to LA Fitness where I took the role of a Master trainer. In that role I was able to successfully manage and train 18-22 client sessions per day (for 30-minutes) for 2 years. It was during this time that I was able to implement and perfect my training style. My aim is to deliver an effective, safe and personalized fitness-training regime that focuses on the client’s individual goals and capabilities.

InspireFit Professional Fitness Coaching was established in 2017. I’ve been successfully training clients since then and I have been beyond blessed to be able to help so many people enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

This work truly is my passion.